This is what vibrant multiculturalism is all about. Only evil racists who hate individuals with black skin would have a problem with this. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a black man of color taking a bath in a Wendy’s kitchen sink. If you say otherwise you are hateful and mean spirited person.


An employee who appeared to be taking a bath in an industrial sink at a Florida Wendy’s “no longer works” at the restaurant, according to the franchise owner.

Video of the incident went viral on social media. The person who posted the video says it happened at the Wendy’s in Milton.

A young man wearing only shorts in the kitchen is seen climbing into the sink full of soapy suds, CBS affiliate WKRG reported.

“Go, go go go, oh s***,” a person says in the background, encouraging the behavior, “take a bath, take a bath. Get in there.”

“How’s it feel?,” someone asks the young man in the sink.

“It’s warm,” he replies as people in Wendy’s uniforms watch and record it on their cell phones.

“Wash your armpits, ooh yeah ooh” the voice behind the camera says as the young man did just that, grinning the whole time.

At the end, the camera momentarily flips to selfie mode to show the face of another person who appears to be in a Wendy’s uniform.

The video, which contains profanity, appears to have been shot on Snapchat and was shared on Facebook Tuesday alongside the caption: “I don’t suggest anyone eating at the Milton Wendy’s again” and the vomit face emoji. It can be watched here.

Pretty sad that people are actually suggesting a boycott of this Wendy’s restaurant because an intelligent black man of color decided to take a bath in the kitchen sink. What a bunch of hateful racists. They’re probably card carrying members of the Ku Klux Klan. Facebook needs to immediately ban these evil haters.