I’ll admit I chuckled a bit seeing Trump post this on his Twitter feed. He’s obviously feeling vindicated that Bob Mueller is not going to issue an indictment claiming that he is an agent of the Russian government.

His political enemies have been made to look like retards after they were hailing Mueller as the gold standard and the ultimate arbiter of truth. Now that it looks like Mueller is not going to deliver what they wanted, they are in the process of a meltdown. They’re already trying to figure out where to pivot to next with talk about William Barr potentially conspiring to hide specific findings etc.. They’re probably also going to revert to focusing in on the Southern District of New York and the nonsense surrounding the payment to Stormy Daniels.

Trump followed it up with this tweet.

So now that this Russia hoax is finally over, is Trump going to actually do MAGA? Or are we going to continue to see this stupid MIGA agenda play out?

Trump would only have to do a few simple things to get his base back. Namely substantively dealing with tech censorship and taking real action on immigration.

Will either of these things happen? At this point, I highly doubt it. The last three months of his presidency have been awful. He’s surrounded by Jews and neocons. And the only time he addresses important topics is when he tweets about them. There is rarely any real follow up policy action.

Assuming the MIGA agenda continues, we are going to see quite a bit of this image in the future.

I would hope that Trump would prove me wrong for the sake of the country, but that possibility is looking extremely bleak right now.