The Jew Uri Geller has promised to stop Brexit using his alleged telepathic powers from Israel. He also said that he would prevent Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister because he believes that he is an anti-Semite. He said all these things in a bizarre post on Facebook.

Even if he doesn’t use his alleged Jew magic powers to stop Brexit, it doesn’t appear as if Brexit is going to happen. May is not pro-Brexit, she has deliberately tried to sabotage Brexit by pushing deals that weren’t Brexit while claiming that they were Brexit. We now have a situation where people are tired of the chaos and want a second vote.

The Jews are doing everything they can to stop Brexit even though the British people voted in favor of it. The fact that they even have Jews like Geller saying they’re going to use alleged telepathic powers to prevent Brexit from happening proves this.

The whole Brexit situation is a complete mess. It proves again that democracy is a Jewish hoax.