Donald Trump did a lengthy press conference this morning to discuss the election results. He touted the Republicans gaining seats and the general success of the Republican candidates he endorsed and campaigned for.

The press was actually more hostile than usual with their questioning.

Perhaps the most talked about exchange was with CNN’s Jim Acosta. This clown is nothing more than a left-wing activist who is paid by Jews to pretend he’s a journalist. He behaved like a rude asshole, breaking all established protocols even refusing to return the microphone to a female staffer.

It was funny that another reporter stuck up for Acosta right after Trump called him out for his rude behavior. These journalists are lost in a delusion, thinking that they’re more important than they actually are.

And that was just one of several instances of the media directing angry and hostile questions towards Trump. Much of it was bullshit about “racism”, Russia hoax crap and other issues of little to no significance.

These people are not the free press. They are paid agitators who work for Jews. Trump did a pretty good job in shutting these fools down though.

But the hostility displayed by the press means that they don’t believe the midterm results were a big win for the Democrats. They’re as angry as ever because even though they will have a slight majority in the House, the only power they have is to launch retarded investigations into things nobody cares about.