The President of the United States Donald Trump is daring Oprah to run against him in 2020.

The Jew-run media floated this idea a short while ago after she gave some retarded speech at a Hollywood awards show. They’re probably going to think that Trump’s tweet is a sign that he is scared of Oprah and doesn’t want her to run.

In reality, if Oprah were to become the Democrat nominee for POTUS, it would 100 percent guarantee Trump’s re-election to office. And as Trump referenced, Oprah has all sorts of baggage that could easily be exploited.

The Democrat party is in tough shape for 2020. If they nominate a far left Communist candidate, Trump will easily win because the other candidate will be viewed by many folks as completely insane. And if they nominate a moderate White candidate, it will alienate the far left Communist base and non-Whites. This will also result in a Trump victory.

Oprah might actually be one of their best options strictly because of name recognition, but the end result will be a loss. Her far left Communist politics and history will ensure that.