The AfD held a women’s march in Berlin protesting how third world migrants and savages have been raping and assaulting women. You would think that the anti-fascists would not try to disrupt this but they did.

Euro News:

Protestors clashed with police in Berlin on Saturday during a heated counter-demonstration against a march by the far-right party, Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Several arrests were made when demonstrators tried to obstruct AfD supporters as they marched through Kreuzberg, a district of Berlin known for being multicultural and left-wing.

Marching under banners reading “Stop Islamisation” and “Fight for women’s rights” AfD supporters were prevented from taking the route cleared by authorities, prompting police to swoop in.

These anti-fascist groups are terrorist organizations. The people involved with them are traitors working for subversive Jewish interests. They are guilty of treason and should be hung by the neck until they are dead.