Richard Spencer who has been one of the more prominent faces of pro-White activism, is in the middle of divorcing his wife of eight years. Normally such a matter would not be worthy of comment but this shit is getting plastered all over the international Jew news media.

His wife is accusing him of physically abusing her which basically means that Spencer is fucked. She will undoubtedly take half if not more of his assets.


The wife of US white nationalist Richard Spencer has accused him of being “physically, verbally and emotionally abusive”, US media report.

In papers filing for divorce, Nina Koupriianova said on one occasion in 2011 Mr Spencer dragged her down the stairs, resulting in bruises.

She said that in 2014 he again “attacked” her when she was four-months pregnant.

In comments to the Associated Press, Mr Spencer denied being an abusive person.

Richard Spencer is a figurehead for US far-right groups and popularised the term “alternative right”.

Spencer is denying her claims on his Twitter account, but it doesn’t even matter if her claims are bullshit. She is a woman and a woman must be believed. Most divorce courts side with the woman. That’s just the way things work in the fucked up so-called “justice” system we have in America.

And if the divorce situation wasn’t bad enough, Spencer posed for a picture in front of a gay pride flag with his new girlfriend who promptly posted it on Instagram.

I do feel bad that Spencer is having his life ruined from this divorce, but this guy has been one disaster after another for our cause. He has an obvious alcohol problem and at best has been a below average messenger. And now he’s posing in front of a homosexual pride flag? This is fucked up. There’s simply no room for faggotry in this movement and this does not send a good message.

Hopefully he takes a permanent break from political activism. He’s doing much more harm than good at this point. If he was an effective messenger he would have been banned from Twitter already. The fact that he’s not is why he’s one of the few people in pro-White circles who has not been totally blacklisted from the digital public square.