These teens are conspiring with Jews to take your guns and abolish the Second Amendment. They are terrible people deserving of your contempt and hate.

Teen survivors of the Florida school shooting last week with the help of Jews, are mobilizing a major effort to take your guns. They are planning a large protest in Washington DC to demand gun control.


Students who survived the shooting rampage at Stoneman Douglas High School are urging children and parents to join them in a massive new protest. They will march on Washington, DC, to call for more gun control.

A group of five senior and junior students at the Parkland, Florida school, led by Cameron Kasky, appeared on several major TV networks over the weekend to drum up support for a “March for Our Lives” rally, scheduled to take place on March 24 in Washington, DC.

In an interview on Sunday, Kasky told CNN that they plan to send a message to the government: “You’re either with us or against us.”

You’re either with us or against us? I didn’t like that line when the Zionist war criminal George W. Bush used it, and I don’t like it now.

This demand for gun control is an emotional response to a more nuanced problem. For years we had little if any gun control laws and there were no mass shootings like these. Societal changes like tolerating people with mental illnesses and handing out SSRI drugs like candy are the biggest issues here. We also have a systemic problem with law enforcement. There was no reason in the world why law enforcement could not have arrested the Jew Nikolas Cruz for the threats he posted on social media. Of course, the FBI apparently had better things to be doing like chasing Russian bots and dissecting conspiracy theories about Donald Trump working for the KGB.

Taking away guns from law abiding people is not going to solve anything. The people claiming that it will are either subversive actors or retarded. The main reason why schools are a target is because guns have been banned. If they were not “gun free zones”, there is a much less likely chance that someone would target these places for an attack. A potential attacker would be afraid that they would face resistance if they tried something.

The Jews are simply using these idiotic teens to push anti-gun propaganda. They were on some of the Sunday shows and have been regularly interviewed over the past couple of days.

That bald dyke spic bitch Emma Gonzalez is particularly awful. She’s been their big star pushing this anti-gun agenda down everyone’s throats. She is truly a repulsive individual. Someone should check her immigration status. Even if she has papers, she should be deported to a country with strict gun control laws. Mexico comes to mind. She should be happy there since gun control has made Mexico a very peaceful place to live.

All of this is just a convenient excuse to push an agenda to take guns away from White people around the country. This strategy of using these teens to push emotionally charged propaganda is not going to work. People are seeing through this and they are not impressed.