Donald Trump just went forward with an executive order banning illegal alien invaders from requesting asylum. So if any of these invaders try to enter the United States illegally, they forfeit their ability to ask for asylum.

This means they have to go to a normal port of entry to request asylum. And the vast majority of the asylum claims processed at a port of entry will be deemed bullshit.

These caravan invaders have no legitimate asylum claims in the United States. They could have asked for asylum in Mexico but are instead planning on asking for asylum in America for economic reasons. If they were legitimately afraid that their government was going to murder them, they could have requested asylum in the first country they entered.

This is a common sense move by Trump. Even though we’ll undoubtedly see an army of Jewish lawyers challenge this in the lower courts, the order should prevail at the Supreme Court.

Hopefully Trump takes more executive action on immigration. With a right-leaning Supreme Court, it’s much more advantageous to roll the dice with as many executive orders as possible.

He’s said that he’ll be dealing with birthright citizenship next which would be huge assuming it holds up in the Supreme Court.