Think the midterms were a victory for our political enemies? Think again. They were not happy with the result. The Democrats have no relevant political power in Washington and can only launch retarded investigations into things that nobody cares about.

And if they were happy, why would anti-fascist groups be harassing Tucker Carlson’s family at his home? This shows that they’re getting increasingly desperate with their tactics. They are losing the war of ideas.

Fox News aired a segment rightly asking why these mobs of terrorists aren’t being arrested.

It’s a fair question considering the fact that right-wing groups have had the book thrown at them for merely defending themselves from anti-fascists attacking them. What happened at Charlottesville last year and the recent stuff with the Proud Boys are good examples of this.

And the answer for this is very simple. The Department of Justice has basically been run by the subversive Jew named Rod Rosenstein who has turned a blind eye to all of this.

Fortunately, Donald Trump has fired the Attorney General Jeff Sessions who was Attorney General in name only and replaced him with his Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker who will serve as Acting Attorney General until a permanent replacement is named. Based on his statements about the Russia hoax investigation, it would appear as if he’s someone who’d be much more willing to deal with this.

For the sake of the country, Whitaker needs to take action. We have a situation where anti-fascist terrorist groups have allowed to engage in political harassment and violence against people with no consequence. The fact that they’re targeting someone as prominent as Carlson is a real escalation.

Fox News has issued a statement on the situation.

And last night Tucker called into his own show to discuss the latest developments.

This is obviously an attempt to silence free political speech. Our political enemies have no sound ideas which is why they try to intimidate people with harassment and violent threats.

But based on the reaction to this, it would seem as if the leftists have realized they have gone too far. Harassing a man’s family at his house because you disagree with their political views is not a good look and not something normal people support.