The fat Zionist piece of shit Mike Pompeo just announced that they were repudiating a legal opinion from the 1970s which stated that Israel’s settlements in the West Bank were illegal according to international law.


The Trump administration on Monday softened the U.S. position on Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, reversing four decades of American policy and further undermining the effort to gain Palestinian statehood.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the U.S. is repudiating the 1978 State Department legal opinion that held that civilian settlements in the occupied territories are “inconsistent with international law.” Israeli leaders welcomed the decision while Palestinians and other nations warned that it undercut any chance of a broader peace deal.

Pompeo told reporters at the State Department that the Trump administration believes any legal questions about settlements should be resolved by Israeli courts and that declaring them a violation of international law distracts from larger efforts to negotiate a peace deal.

What a cock sucker. Does Pompeo really think that this is going to increase the chances of a peace deal? It will only increase the possibility of conflict and war.

This man is a lunatic. He literally thinks that Jesus Christ will return to earth and he’ll be raptured into heaven so long as a big war happens in the Middle East. This is one of the main reasons why he is using his position as Secretary of State to implement extreme pro-Israel policies.

And look, I could deal with all the extreme pro-Israel shilling from this fat fuck if only the orange man had been able to do something substantive on immigration here in the United States. But since nothing substantive has been done, this emphasis on doing things for Israel is really starting to piss me off.