Big news in the world of Negro ball. The star running back for the Kansas City Chiefs Kareem Hunt has been released from the team.

All because TMZ obtained video footage showing him involved in a physical altercation with some drunk THOT from earlier in the year.

When I first heard of this story, I figured that it was a Negro behaving violently for no reason. That was my basic assumption at least. Either that or I figured it would be some type of Ray Rice tier type incident where he punched out his fiancee in an elevator.

But objectively, it doesn’t look as if the Negro was at fault here. He was dealing with some stupid drunk cunt who thought she could physically take on an NFL running back. It appears as if she instigated the entire incident. While you can’t hear what is being said in the video, it’s clear that she was mouthing off to him and trying to aggressively step up into his space. He pushes her away then she slaps him before his friends separate them.

Towards the end, the drunk THOT gets accidentally shoved to the ground as Hunt breaks free from his friends. He then lightly kicks her while she’s on the floor as he’s wrestling with another drunk THOT.

According to the TMZ report, the drunk THOT had gone crazy and started calling Hunt a nigger which prompted things to escalate to this point. But the cops didn’t seem all that concerned about what happened and there were no arrests stemming from the incident.

Sure, you could argue that the Negro could have controlled himself better, but none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the ridiculous behavior from that drunk THOT. What was that stupid bitch doing any way? Trying to get some late night NFL nigger dick?

TMZ also obtained video of the aftermath where the stupid THOT cries and tries to get sympathy from the police.

If anything, maybe this incident will encourage blacks to stay far away from White women. It only took one stupid THOT and some video footage to ruin this guy’s football career. And Hunt wasn’t your average NFL player. He led the league in rushing yards last year. So if he can get released because of an altercation with a THOT, it can happen to anybody in the league.

But man, these skanks are totally out of control. Due to the fact that men will get crucified by the legal system for even attempting to lightly discipline them, these whores think this has given them a license to say and do whatever they want to men. This dumb THOT is lucky that getting lightly kicked is all that happened to her. Stupid bitch deserves everything that happened to her for thinking it is acceptable to bang niggers.