Even though it has been proven that masks and lockdowns do nothing to stop the spread of the coronavirus, several state governors do not give a shit. They certainly don’t give a shit about the coronavirus having a survivability rate no different than the flu. They don’t care about facts and data and are instead ordering new lockdowns and mask mandates any way.

The evil cunt Gretchen Whitmer had her original lockdown orders overturned by the courts but now she’s claiming she can do a three week lockdown if the state health department orders it.

Jay Inslee the dumb faggot over in Washington, has announced a month long lockdown.

But it isn’t just Democrats issuing new lockdowns and mask orders.

Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds a Republican has ordered new restrictions and a mask mandate. Even though her orders aren’t as severe as the one’s in Michigan and Washington, they’re still unconstitutional and illegal.

North Dakota’s Governor Doug Burgum another Republican has also ordered a statewide mask mandate.

This is what tyranny looks like. These orders are not being put in place for your health. They are being put in place to destroy you. It is part of an evil agenda to destroy everything so a global communist system run by Jews can be ushered in.

People should ignore any and all orders from these tyrants. They are not legitimate orders. They are unconstitutional and illegal.