These kike infested social media platforms are getting more and more bold with their censorship. They’re now moving into a new phase where any and all politically incorrect humor will not be allowed.

Sam Hyde who many know from his dark comedy show “World Peace” that was briefly a part of the Adult Swim lineup, has been banished from both YouTube and Instagram.

Even though “World Peace” was a tremendous hit, the show was cancelled after a single season. It was the last original comedy show to air on television. Due to political correctness, the kikes have essentially outlawed any real humor on mainstream television. Comedians aren’t allowed to make any meaningful jokes and face being blacklisted for offending people. So now all comedy you see on television is mostly based off of various forms of degeneracy and depravity.

Take for instance the fat Jewess cow Amy Schumer. Her humor is based almost entirely off of her talking about how much of a disgusting slut she is.

Compare her to these “World Peace” sketches which provide real social commentary on life in the modern world.

Perhaps the most interesting part about this ban is how it all happened at the same time. Instagram and YouTube are owned by separate Jewish entities. It seems to show that these bans were part of a coordinated shut down effort.

These Jews are literally destroying art and humor itself. If they think this is going to be a winning strategy in the long term, they are sorely mistaken. They are just making people hate them more and more.