Ursula Haverbeck the German Grandmother who doesn’t believe crazy fairy tales about Jews being gassed in fake shower rooms, has been arrested and sent to jail.


A “Nazi grandma” who apparently went on the run rather than serve a jail sentence for Holocaust denial has been caught and put in a German prison.

Ursula Haverbeck, 89, had been due to report to prison to start a two-year sentence on May 2, but instead the authorities discovered she had vanished from her home in Vlotho, central Germany.

Prosecutors ordered police to find her, and the International Auschwitz Committee expressed its hope that hunt for the alleged fugitive was being conducted “with high pressure”.

The German authorities, however, have now stated that Ms Haverbeck has returned home, and been apprehended and put in jail.

Although this is the first time Haverbeck has seen the inside of a jail cell, she had racked up a string of convictions related to Holocaust denial, which is a criminal offence in Germany.

What type of country does such a thing? Putting people in prison for not believing in the details of a historical event is the very height of tyranny. Especially when you are putting someone in prison who is nearly 90 years of age.

There is no evidence that six million Jews were systematically slaughtered by Adolf Hitler during World War II. Many of these Holocaust fairy tales emerged decades after the war. The emaciated bodies shown in video clips were the result of typhus and an inability of Germans to properly supply the camps because of allied bombing raids.

The Holocaust has been nothing but a Jewish extortion racket designed to make the goyim think they’re perpetual victims even though they actively run major institutions throughout the world. They dominate the world of finance and media just to name a few.

It is insane that there are laws against Holocaust denial in Germany and other countries throughout Europe. What’s the exact evidence proving that there were shower room gas chambers, death rollercoasters and mass ovenings and masturbation machines? And why is it that nearly every Jew who claims to have survived this had a personal interaction with Josef Mengele? We all know this is nonsencial shit made up to demonize the German people.

And notice how the government will spend all this energy going after a grandmother for her beliefs but will do next to nothing about third world hordes who are raping and murdering people in the country.

Germany is a very fucked up country right now. There is not much else to say.


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