So Barry Obama’s former Secretary of State John Kerry has decided to engage in shadow negotiations with the Iranians. He’s upset that his key foreign policy accomplishment is about to get torn up by Donald Trump.

Forget about the deal itself, how is Kerry allowed to do this? He is not a representative of the United States government. Private citizens are not allowed to negotiate with foreign countries like this. Especially when the conversations are explicitly design to undermine the legitimate representatives. The Logan Act made this illegal.

Remember when the Jew-run press was whining about Michael Flynn allegedly violating the Logan Act? This was when he was part of an incoming administration and began having informal conversations with the Russians. In this case it is common practice for incoming members of a new administration to contact their counterparts in preparation for the business that is to come. But despite this obvious fact, the kikes whined and whined about how he violated this law.

The situation between Kerry and Flynn is night and day. If anybody thought Flynn was violating the Logan Act even though he wasn’t, than you would have to agree that Kerry is definitely in violation of the Logan Act. He has no business doing what he’s doing because he’s not part of any incoming administration and he’s actively trying to undermine the one in power.

The Department of Justice should have Kerry arrested for colluding with foreigners. Or are we at a point where anybody actively trying to undermine Trump is above the law?