Russia is now saying flat out that the Syria chemical attack was staged. There definitely hasn’t been any proof that the attack was real. The authenticity of the alleged chemical attack footage has been questioned by many.

Weeks ago, Russia’s military said they had intelligence that a fake chemical attack was going to be staged to justify attacks against the Syrian government. It looks like they had good intelligence because that seems to be exactly what happened here.

There is no reason to believe that Bashar Al-Assad gassed his own people. Especially after Donald Trump was talking about withdrawing forces from the country. It’s idiotic nonsense designed to drag the United States into another war to benefit Jews and Israel.

Even if it could be conclusively proven that Assad did this, is starting World War III over a handful of gassed babies worth it? Especially when the Israelis have been shooting and gassing Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. If going to war over human rights violations is of such importance, the world should invade Israel. At least we know there’s real human rights violations being committed by the Jews. This nonsense in Syria hasn’t been proven.

This whole thing is ridiculous. Nobody but the propagandists in the Jew-run media and Zionist politicians believe that any of this is real. They seem to think that they can run the exact same propaganda operations they ran in the 2000s that sold the public on going to war with Iraq. What they don’t realize is how much the world has changed since then. The Internet is much more developed and lies like this can be quickly dissected.