YouTube personality Styxhexenhammer666 whose real name is Tarl Warwick has announced that he is running to be Vermont’s next governor. Here’s his official announcement.

It looks like he’s going to run as an independent write in candidate. Hopefully he’ll make a push to get on the ballot. Even though it’d be a bit of work, getting on the ballot would bring more credibility to his candidacy. I’m certain he could get the necessary signatures in a short amount of time. Vermont’s politics are also pretty goofy making it the perfect state for him to attempt a political run.

I certainly don’t agree with all of his politics but having any number of anti-establishment people running for office is a good thing. From what I’ve made of his videos, his politics are a cross between Ron Paul libertarianism and the Alt-Right. Some have classified him as an Alt-Lite or a Civic Nationalist type personality but I think his politics are a little bit more nuanced than that.

Here’s where he stands on various issues. There’s definitely a good amount of common ground he has with us. I don’t agree with the gay rights crap but there’s much bigger fish to fry at the moment.

Most importantly though, I’m endorsing him because the thought of having this eccentric ex-satanist as a state governor is funny and makes me laugh. I wish him all the best in his run for governor. If you live in Vermont, I would encourage you to do whatever you can to support him.