The Jew Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is saying that he is prepared to be fired from his job.

NBC News:

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has struck a stoic and righteous tone in private conversations he has had this week about the fate of his job as President Donald Trump has launched public criticism against him and considered firing him, according to three sources who have spoken to Rosenstein.

In those conversations, he has repeated the phrase, “Here I stand,” a reference to Martin Luther’s famous quote, “Here I stand, I can do no other.” Coincidentally, former FBI Director James Comey, whom Rosenstein fired, repeated the same phrase to President George W. Bush in a conversation that has been widely reported and that Comey describes in his forthcoming book.

One source who spoke to Rosenstein said he seemed fully aware he may soon lose his job and was at peace with the possibility, confident he had done his job with integrity.

He’s prepared because he himself probably realizes that he should have been fired a long time ago. He authorized this special counsel for dubious reasons to begin with. When the special counsel couldn’t find any evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign it has transformed into a broad fishing expedition to get Trump at any costs. He has done nothing to reign this in even after Trump’s personal lawyer was raided over alleged campaign financing violations.

Hopefully the President fires this disgusting scumbag kike ASAP.