Mitt Romney is a smugly diabolical asshole and a traitor to the Republic. He did a recent interview bitching about the orange man being a terrible racist and how he was a bad man because he abandoned the Kurds.

NY Post:

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, took a series of shots at President Trump in an interview that aired Sunday, saying that some of the president’s rhetoric appealed to racism and claiming that under his leadership, the US was abandoning allied Kurdish fighters in Syria.

Romney, who said he wrote in his wife, Ann, when he voted in 2016, told “Axios on HBO,” “The places where I would be most critical of the president would be in matters that were divisive, that appeared to be appealing to racism or misogyny, and those are the kinds of things I think that have been most, most harmful long term to the foundation of America’s virtuous character.”

Mitt is a douche of the highest order. Whenever I see his face, he makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

Mitt thinks we should be defending the Kurds from Turkey even though Turkey is a NATO ally. This arrangement does not benefit America or the American people in any way. Only a moron or a shill for Jews and Israel would say otherwise.

Israel has supported the Kurds because they are a source of conflict and division in the region. Mitt’s support of the Kurds has everything to do with the fact that Israel supports them.

This makes Mitt a kike shill who does not represent the interests of the American people.