Political momentum is on our side. White people around the world are tired of having their nations flooded with useless niggers and mud people. Even the Canadians are sick of it. A right leaning political party that ran on a platform demanding tighter immigration laws just won a provincial election in Quebec.

USA Today:

The populist movements sweeping across Europe and that led to President Donald Trump’s 2016 victory is cascading through Québec, the mainly French-speaking province in eastern Canada, where a right-leaning candidate and his young party dominated this week’s elections.

François Legault, leader of the right-of-center Coalition Avenir Québec and the province’s new premier-elect, won a landslide victory, taking 74 of the legislature’s 125 seats — even though recent polls had predicted a far narrower win. The CAQ was founded only seven years ago.

Legault had promised during the campaign to cut Québec’s annual immigration quota from 50,000 newcomers per year to 40,000, while also requiring those wishing to settle in Québec to take a test on their proficiency in French and on “Québec values” within three years or face expulsion.

This is a fairly radical political shift in Canada. The establishment parties got totally blown away by a populist political party that’s only been around for seven years.

The only area where the CAQ did not perform well was in Montreal which is not surprising. Western cities are filled with Communist faggots and non-White scum and that includes Montreal.

In the grand scheme of things, it is true that the CAQ is not a hardcore right-wing political party. However, their rise to power represents a remarkable improvement from where Quebec was before the election.