Wow, another Moslem going on a stabbing spree in France. Go figure!


Three officers and an administrative assistant were stabbed to death at Paris police headquarters by an employee who went on a rampage after evading security with a ceramic knife.

The 45-year old, named by local media as Mickaël H, had worked for 20 years in the IT department of the police intelligence section in offices in Paris’ central île de la Cité, a stone’s throw from Notre Dame cathedral.

He was shot dead at the scene after killing three men and a woman.

Police sources said the assailant, who was partially deaf and reportedly converted to Islam 18 months ago, was “in conflict” with his superiors. Police last night said they had not determined a terror links.

If people were more bigoted and prejudiced against Islam, the people who were killed in this stabbing spree would probably be alive today.

The lack of racism and bigotry is literally causing people to die. Because racism and bigotry is just accepting the obvious realities about the biological and racial nature of certain groups of people. Like the fact that Arabs and Moslems are more biological prone to commit acts of terrorism and go on stabbing sprees.

Too many White people have been brainwashed into thinking that they’re bad or evil for not accepting reality as it is.

But whatever, nobody seems to give a shit. They’d rather die than be called racist.