Two-thirds of the American people don’t believe the official Jeff Epstein suicide narrative according to a recent Rasmussen poll.


It appears most Americans don’t believe the official narrative on the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein after a poll found that more people believe the financier died as a result of murder rather than suicide.

The curious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s reported suicide last Saturday raised more than a few eyebrows. Now, a poll from Rasmussen has found that only 29 percent of Americans believe he died by suicide in jail. That figure pales in comparison to the 42 percent of people who think that Epstein was murdered to prevent him from testifying against some of his powerful associates.

The entire suicide narrative is far too difficult to believe. And the fact that the Jew-run media is insisting that a majority of the American people are conspiracy theorists for not believing in this story is insane.

This is another big blow to the Jewish media’s credibility. They are showing everyone that they aren’t asking any real questions about this obviously strange and bizarre situation. Their entire existence centers around promoting narratives and propaganda that benefit Jewish interests. Truth does not factor into how they operate and an increasing number of Americans are realizing this.