There were major clashes between anti-fascists and various patriot/right-leaning groups in Portland, Oregon over the weekend. Patriot and right-leaning groups like The Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and others held a political rally and they were attacked by violent anti-fascists.

The media has tried to claim that these weren’t all that violent. Well, I would beg to differ based on some of the pictures and video that are circulating around the Internet.

Andy Ngo the gay Asian reporter who got attacked by anti-fascists in Portland a few weeks back, documented much of the insanity that took place on his Twitter feed.

Here’s some of the madness that he documented.

Of course there are literally hundreds of clips you can find on YouTube and Twitter documenting the insanity that took place.

Even crazier is the fact that Joey Gibson the leader of Patriot Prayer was actually arrested prior to their planned march for some inexplicable reason. Not sure how that can be considered lawful but since the rule of law no longer exists in America, such a thing is not surprising. Pre-crime is now a thing in this so-called free and democratic country.

The orange man said he was considering naming anti-fascist groups as terror organizations.

But why does one need to “consider” such a thing? They are obviously domestic terrorist operations whose purpose is to prevent people from freely assembling through violent acts. How much more evidence does one need to see that this is what they are? This weekend is just one of many examples.

The problem is that these anti-fascist groups are working in conjunction with police and the feds. They’re never held accountable for anything which is why they’re allowed to run amok like this.

Even though I have many political disagreements with the right-leaning groups who are involved in these marches, they are helping reveal the true face of the political left who are resorting to political violence to shut down free speech.

Unfortunately, I think we’ll see much more of this moving forward unless the orange man finally steps up and does something substantive about these anti-fascists.