The orange man posted a tweet defending Tulsi Gabbard from the evil bitch Hillary Clinton who has implied that Gabbard is an asset of Russia.

There’s actually some common ground between nationalists and people on the political left who have been abandoned by the Democrat Party. So it is good to see the orange man is defending Gabbard like this. We basically have a situation where anybody who remotely opposes the existing political structure in any way is being smeared as an agent for Russia. It doesn’t matter what party they’re in.

Back during the 2000s, many on the political left opposed endless war for Jews, bashed big corporations and promoted free speech. This is in great contrast to what the Democrat Party has transformed into. They’ve become a party that supports endless war for Jews, big corporations and opposes free speech.

So as a result, they’ve abandoned a large block of people and that’s why Gabbard’s campaign is shaping up to be an important dark horse campaign on the Democrat side. She is against endless wars for Jews and doesn’t like what these big tech companies have been doing.

If the orange man wins a second term, which I think he probably will, he should get rid of the Zionist lunatic Mike Pompeo and consider appointing Gabbard as the new Secretary of State.

While I doubt this would happen, it would be a great move and would certainly cause all the Zionists and Israel-Firsters to go crazy.