America’s cities are being transformed into third world shitholes. Take a look at the situation we have in Miami.

Miami Herald:

Homeless people living on the streets and sidewalks of downtown Miami are also relieving themselves on the streets and sidewalks of downtown Miami, turning the city’s core into an outdoor toilet, merchants and residents say.

“The situation is the worst I’ve seen in my 25 years here,” said business owner Jose Goyanes. “The stench is really bad, even after you hose it down. We see people urinating against buildings or pulling their pants down and squatting because they have nowhere else to go.”

Deposits of human waste can be seen in planters, doorways, gutters — or right in the middle of the block. The pavement behind the old Macy’s department store is soaked with urine. Feces ferment in front of vacant storefronts for days when there’s no landlord to clean up. People who work and live downtown are calling in a Code Brown.

“It’s prolific. It’s on every block and at the base of most trees,” said businessman Gary Ressler. “I can’t bring national tenants here and walk through downtown without having them observe human feces littering the sidewalk.”

The main reason why we have these problems in our cities is because third world populations have been allowed in and they are transforming these places into the third world. It is not difficult to see what’s going on here.

Having homeless savages pissing and shitting in the streets is not something I would consider culturally enriching. Jews might believe that this is, because they typically live in filthy dwellings.

What would actually be culturally enriching is if we got rid of these worthless savages and fill our cities with White men and women of good character who want to do productive and creative things. Now that would be culturally enriching.