So the troops that were in Syria are being relocated to Western Iraq.


All US troops withdrawing from northern Syria are expected to be relocated to western Iraq, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirmed.

Mr Esper told reporters that, under current plans, about 1,000 soldiers would be redeployed to help stop the resurgence of Islamic State (IS).

President Donald Trump has previously pledged to bring US troops home.

I guess having the troops in Iraq is better than having them in Syria, but I’d prefer all these troops removed and brought back to the United States.

Although, I do understand that preserving democracy in Iraq and defending Saudi Arabia from starving Yemeni children is very important to America’s national security. We also need to keep our greatest ally Israel safe because Jews are the greatest race of people to ever live.

So based on this, it would be totally understandable if we left the troops in Western Iraq for another 100 years just like the dead Zionist bastard John McCain wanted.