This past weekend, nine alleged members of the KKK held a rally in Dayton, Ohio. If I had to guess, this was just some staged performance art put together by the feds. Nobody seems to have any idea who these people are and the KKK stopped being a real organization decades ago.

The Hill:

A Klu Klux Klan (KKK) rally held in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday drew only nine members to the event and hundreds of counterprotesters.

The rally was held in the center of downtown Dayton at Courthouse Square and was hosted by the Honorable Sacred Knights of Indiana, which has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a KKK hate group.

Though the rally, which received a permit from Montgomery County earlier this year, was slated to have 10 to 20 or more members of the group in attendance, police say only nine members showed up.

Footage captured from the rally showed the small group of members stationed behind police escorts and several fences while waving KKK flags and the U.S. flag at times.

Holding a rally and looking like the Jewish Hollywood stereotype of a Neo-Nazi, KKK member etc.. is not a good political strategy. It is however a good strategy if you are a Jew or part of the Jewish establishment. That’s because rallies like these reinforce the Jewish narrative of White people being evil and the anti-fascists that oppose them as a heroic force for good.

There’s a long history of Jews and feds creating or infiltrating White supremacist groups and using them for subversive purposes. This situation seems to fit in line with this history. So what happened here is really nothing new.