The Jewish feminist Naomi Wolf was just caught lying about the executions of homosexuals in her new book.


Naomi Wolf’s latest book “Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalisation of Love” is the center of attention for a reason no writer wants to be widely discussed: her book contains incorrect information and a faulty premise. It is supposedly about the “dramatic buried story of gay history,” but it appears she got her history very, very wrong.

Wolf initially alleged that “People widely believe that the last executions for sodomy were in 1830. But I read every Old Bailey record throughout the 19th century, so I know that not only did they continue; they got worse.” She covers this assertion in her book, but as a recent interview revealed, it rested on her misunderstanding of the legal term “death recorded” in the records.

She didn’t learn about this regrettable lapse in research on her own, fact-checking done by her publisher, or a kind friend pulling her aside and asking if she was really sure she grasped the nuances of Victorian England’s sentencing guidelines. Rather, Wolf learned about her gaffe on air, during an interview with Matthew Sweet on BBC’s “Arts & Ideas.” Wolf’s lack of understanding and subsequent inaccurate portrayal of history has broad ramifications for how we regard academic works and new views on history.

We see this over and over again with Jews. They are so focused on promoting their Jewish narratives, that they don’t let facts get in the way of promoting them.

Sure, maybe this was just a mistake but it is a pretty big mistake considering much of the book is centered around telling people how horrible faggot executions were. All she had to do was look up the Wikipedia page on the term “Death Recorded” for her to understand that it was not a term used to reference an execution.

Regardless of if this was a simple mistake or a deliberate attempt to deceive is almost a mute point. The larger point is that we have all sorts of Jews demanding that various people get banned off of the Internet for allegedly spreading lies, disinformation and fake news. Meanwhile, the group of people spreading lies the most are Jews. This debacle with Wolf is just another example of this.

So if we want to get rid of fake news and disinformation on the Internet, banning Jews off the Internet would go a long way to achieving that goal.