This crazy donkey face latina Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fantastic. She’s openly mocking old guard Democrat Jews like Joe Lieberman on Twitter now.

I honestly don’t know what the Jews were thinking when they showered her with endless amounts of media attention. She’s completely crazy and she says all sorts of weird and unpredictable things. They’ve basically made her the new face of the Democrat Party.

This has effectively made the entire Democrat Party look even more insane than they already are. Now granted, Chuck and Nancy have already done a pretty good job of showing how insane they are, but add AOC into the mix and that’s like pouring gasoline on a roaring fire.

She’s going to become an increasingly bigger problem for old guard Democrats moving forward. She’s totally uncontrollable and doesn’t give a single fuck what they think.

Long story short, I want to see as much AOC as possible moving forward over the next two years.