So it is being reported that the FBI launched an investigation to see if Donald Trump was a secret Russian agent. They did this after he rightly fired the corrupt FBI Director James Comey.

This is based off of a report from The New York Times so I am skeptical, but this is one report which could be true. We already know that the FBI’s top people were involved in a conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy against Trump.

What I’d like to know is why the FBI never launches investigations into individuals to find out if they are secretly working for Israel. Why does that never happen? This despite the fact that we have all sorts of Jews with dual Israeli citizenship doing all sorts of weird shit. Not to mention all of these pro-Jew and pro-Israel lobbying groups influencing politicians with Jewish money.

So what gives FBI? Or is the FBI itself working for Israel? That seems to be the most logical answer considering they let the Israeli Mossad assets who filmed the 9/11 attacks return to Israel with no consequence. That was when Bob Mueller was running it.

The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization. That’s all it is.