The New York Times apparently obtained leaked copies of Donald Trump’s tax returns from the years of 1985-1994. The material was turned into a top story by the paper. It shows that Trump recorded sizable losses during this time, presumably to avoid paying taxes.

They even wrote an op-ed claiming that Trump is hiding something because he has continually said that he wasn’t going to release his tax returns.

Look, maybe Trump is hiding something and maybe he isn’t. I honestly don’t give a fuck. It’s a stupid story and another pointless fishing expedition. What Trump paid or didn’t pay in taxes back in the 1980s is of no interest to me.

What I’m interested in is preserving America. This country is being flushed into the abyss. It’s being flooded with third world populations and being transformed into a multicultural cesspool. Meanwhile, people want to obsess over Trump’s tax returns from three decades ago. It’s absolutely fucking retarded.