The belligerent activities that are being taken against Venezuela’s government are embarrassing. The United States declared a CIA-trained puppet Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s new President. Then after declaring this fake President their new leader, they have failed to place him power despite all sorts of dirty tricks and a botched coup attempt. It’s probably why Vice President Mike Pence is making crazy claims about how Iran is sending terrorists to Venezuela. Any justification to do war with them I guess.

They’ve now gone so far as to cut off the power to Venezuela’s embassy in America. They’re doing this to force out the people loyal to Venezuela’s legitimate President Nicolas Maduro.


The Venezuelan embassy in Washington DC was plunged into darkness after the US authorities shut down power in the building. The anti-coup activists hunkered down inside say they are not leaving despite the blackout.

After weeks of tense standoff between the ‘Embassy Civilian Protection Collective’ and supporters of US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido outside the Venezuelan diplomatic compound, the US authorities attempted to drive the temporary occupants out by depriving them of electricity.

In a statement on Twitter posted by one of the group’s members, independent journalist Alex Rubinstein, an activist says that the loss of electric power won’t coerce them into abandoning their mission – that is to protect the embassy from a takeover by Juan Guaido appointees.

“We expected this, we’ve prepared for it and we are not living,” the activist is seen saying in total darkness, with only his face lit by a candle.

Cutting off the power and laying siege to a nation’s embassy like this is a violation international law. It is also an act of war. The embassy is considered to be part of Venezuela’s sovereign territory and the United States has totally violated their sovereignty through these illegal acts.

Anya Parampil a journalist who recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show has been tweeting about the situation. She has actually been spending time inside the embassy itself as all this has been happening.

She’s been active on Twitter.

She was also interviewed by Jimmy Dore.

The whole situation is nuts. If pulling the power doesn’t force the pro-Maduro people out of the building, the next step is them sending some guys wearing black ski masks armed with guns.