Jews are extremely paranoid about people hating them for their behavior. The paranoia is so out of control that they are now blaming a recent measles outbreak in New York City for causing anti-Semitism to spread.


As measles cases in New York climb, leaders within the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish community, where most cases in the metropolitan area have been concentrated, fear something else is also spreading — anti-Semitism.

With upcoming Passover travel, there is concern that both could get worse.

Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, an infectious diseases specialist and respected Jewish scholar, wrote about the dual concerns of measles and backlash recently for the Rabbinical Alliance of America.

“Why are precious children unnecessarily exposed to lethal illnesses?” he wrote. “How could we cause ‘Orthodox Jews Cause Disease’ to be the lead story on major print and other news media? Why are health departments and governments … talking about fining Jews and closing Yeshivas?”

A headline in Der Yid, an influential newspaper published by the Satmar Hasidic community, called the anti-vaccination movement: “Senseless! Heartless! Torah-less and Reckless.”

“It’s very scary,” said Rivkie Feiner, a Monsey resident who works on behalf of various Orthodox causes. “As an Orthodox family, my kids wear yarmulkes, we are being marked.”

“The Torah commands us to protect and preserve our health,” he said. “Vaccination is unquestionably a halachic (Jewish law) obligation to protect the health of our children and ourselves and a responsibility we have towards others. There is no room for equivocation on this religious and moral obligation.”

Agudath Israel of America, a major Orthodox organization, maintains that the measles outbreak is being used by the media and others as a stalking horse for anti-Semitism.

“Our public discourse is debased when individuals and media outlets point the finger of blame for the spread of measles squarely — and sometimes viciously — at the “ultra-Orthodox” community. Social media comments have been particularly appalling in this regard,” said a statement from the group.

Why so paranoid kikes? The fact that you go so far as to blame a measles outbreak for causing anti-Semitism to spread indicates to me that you are protesting a bit too much. Only a group of people who are up to no good would need to be this paranoid about people hating them.

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