The kike media is parroting all sorts of bullshit reasons from Ecuador justifying why they removed Julian Assange from their embassy. They’re literally claiming that it wasn’t because of a deal they struck with outside actors like the United States, but because of extraneous unproven allegations including a claim that Assange smeared shit on the walls. They were also critical of him skateboarding around the embassy.


Ecuador’s attempted character assassination of whistleblower Julian Assange stepped up since his arrest last week, with officials offering various excuses to justify his expulsion — and the media has been eagerly lapping it up.

Apparently more interested in (allegedly) salacious details of Assange’s almost seven-year exile inside the west-London embassy, members of the UK and US press have been breathlessly repeating flaky Quito-leaked claims about his living habits and personal hygiene.

While Assange awaits the very likely possibility of extradition to the US and prosecution for reporting on the sins of the world’s most powerful, mainstream media “journalists” are doing humanity another great service — by posting irrelevant videos and pictures taken inside the embassy in an effort to assist Quito in its smearing efforts.

Footage of Assange messing around on a skateboard has travelled around the world quicker than a historic WikiLeaks document dump (back when the media was interested in cashing in off the back of Assange’s work).

News outlets around the globe have been excitedly posting the footage and any other juicy tidbits they can get their hands on, but the UK’s Daily Mail has truly been on top of the story, reporting on Assange the “overgrown teenager” and even posting “exclusive” photographs of his “fetid lair” and the “squalid horror” in which he lived.

This Pulitzer-worthy scoop contained one photograph of a perfectly clean bathroom and a sneaky snap of a kitchen with one not-yet-washed dinner dish. Assange, the Mail tells us, also “had the run” of the embassy and “bagged” himself a nice bedroom. The lucky thing; one wonders why he ever complained about his circumstances at all. Who needs unnecessary luxuries like light, air, medical care or internet access?

The fact that the media is focusing on these unproven allegations to demonize Assange is completely insane. Assange’s arrest is an enormous attack on the freedom of press. The fact that the media is not defending Assange shows that they don’t give a fuck about freedom of press. They only pretend to do so when it advances a narrative like when they were attacking Donald Trump for calling them fake news because he wasn’t doing everything they demanded. The truth is, they’re just mouthpieces for the ZOG establishment whose role is to push propaganda.

I penned an article for the Daily Stormer that further explores how the media is being openly hostile to Assange even though the only crime he committed was doing journalism. It’s utterly sick what’s happened to Assange. If he is extradited to the United States it is likely that he’ll be tortured and forced to confess to doing crimes like they did to Winston Smith in the novel 1984.