Thanks to the kikes in the media pushing for gun control after the Florida school shooting incident, membership in the Nazi Rifle Association has surged to incredible heights.

Daily Mail:

The NRA has seen a huge surge in membership interest in recent weeks, after drawing noisy backlash over the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Google searches for ‘NRA membership’ have risen roughly 4,900 per cent since the week before the February 14 shooting, with new members flocking to support the gun owners’ rights group.

NRA President Wayne LaPierre announced last May that national membership had reached five million, but the group has not commented on the recent surge and didn’t immediately reply to calls from on Sunday.

Though high-profile mass shootings often spur an increase in gun sales over fear of a crackdown, the Parkland shooting was different in the focus of vitriol that was directed at the NRA.

Some otherwise casual gun rights supporters said that the loud attacks on the NRA in the media by young Parkland survivors such as David Hogg drove them to sign up.

Undoubtedly the Jew-run media using that bald spic dyke Emma Gonzalez and that scrawny faggot David Hogg to demand gun control is what sent people over the edge. They’ve been the best marketing asset the NRA and gun manufacturers could ask for.

The NRA isn’t playing games either. Dana Loesch is breaking out the SS to fight these evil kikes!

She also warned the gun grabbing Jews in Hollywood that their time is coming to an end!

I joined the NRA a short period of time ago. They’re one of the few lobbying groups fighting for White interests who are actively fighting the kikes!