What a crazy situation this is. I’ve written a more lengthy piece about this that will hopefully be posted on the Daily Stormer tomorrow.

To summarize, the Jew Sam Nunberg who was an early campaign adviser for Donald Trump is refusing to cooperate with the special counsel. While that in of itself would have been newsworthy, the story went super viral after Nunberg appeared on a series of nationally televised interviews where he rambled incoherently and appeared to be drunk or on drugs.

Here are the interviews. It’s some of the craziest shit I’ve seen on cable news in awhile.

The special counsel is demanding that he turn over tons of emails and testify in front of a grand jury. If Nunberg holds his ground and refuses to cooperate, he could get sent to jail. If he gets sent to jail, it will turn this Russia kook circus into an even bigger clown show than it already is. Hopefully this is what happens. It will help make the investigation look even dumber to the average person.