Southern California and specifically the Los Angeles, California area is being threatened with massive wildfires. Firefighters are having problems containing the blaze. It’s gotten so bad that homes of wealthy celebrities are being threatened.

Daily Mail:

The homes of celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton and Chelsea Handler, as well as a vineyard belonging to Rupert Murdoch, have been evacuated as LA firefighters struggle to put out fires that are ripping through the Los Angeles area.

Four Southern California wildfires were joined by a fifth outside Los Angeles’s exclusive Bel Air neighborhood – where at least six properties have been destroyed – on Wednesday, as high winds spurred on the flames.

One well-to-do resident was seen having a fireman load up her Bentley as she prepared to flee the neighborhood – where homes cost an average of $3.3million – while firefighters tackled the fearsome blaze.

The growing fire was nearing several A-listers’ mansions including homes belonging to Teigen, Hilton, Handler, Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, Maria Shriver and Heidi Klum.

The Los Angeles area is a shit hole. It’s infested with all sorts of subhuman trash that has found its way up from Central America. You also have the degenerate Jew run entertainment industry centered in this area. The traffic that surrounds Los Angeles is awful and the Los Angeles airport is one of the worst airports of any major cities throughout the United States.

I hate Los Angeles and I hate that entire area. I honestly couldn’t give a shit if the entire area burns down to the ground.

It sounds like the wildfires could go on for weeks. If it does, let’s hope that it burns down all those Jew run Hollywood film studios.