I’m just catching up on some of the news that’s taken place over the past 48 hours and apparently one of the bigger stories involved CNN anchor Chris Cuomo chimping out in a viral video after he was called “Fredo.”

Cuomo totally lost it and threatened violence against the man who called him “Fredo.” Cuomo was upset at the reference claiming that calling an Italian like himself “Fredo” was like calling a black man a “nigger.”

But when people on the Internet did some research, they discovered that he actually referred to himself as “Fredo” during an interview many years ago and allowed somebody to use the “Fredo” reference on his own show. So his outrage was hypocritical and over the top.

Any other normal person would have been fired from their job immediately for making such an absurd spectacle of himself. Jew-run CNN on the other hand is backing Cuomo 100 percent.

But clearly based on this video, this man is totally unhinged and has no business being on national television lecturing the American people about matters of morality. Between him, Anderson Pooper and the gay nigger Don Lemon, CNN has quite the nightly lineup of fucktards. It’s no wonder why their ratings are in the shitter. If they didn’t play CNN on airport televisions they’d probably have zero viewers.

This disgusting Jewish propaganda operation should be shut down and Cuomo’s chimping out just represents more proof of it.