Looks like Lauren Southern has also been banned from the United Kingdom. I’m sure they would have let her in if she simply explained to the customs people that she once fucked a nigger. If she said she was looking forward to fucking additional niggers they probably would have granted her permanent residency on the spot.

Joking aside, Southern has been trying to redeem herself since the nigger fucking scandal. Her work on that South Africa documentary wasn’t bad but like the entire Alt-Lite in general, she avoids talking about international Jewry.

If they’re going to ban you from a country simply for being against unlimited third world migration, you might as well just start talking about the kikes. They’re the primary cause of all of this madness and it is time to call them out. As much as I dislike everything Southern stands for, she could do lots of good if she began exposing the Jews. Will that happen? I highly doubt it but the encouragement can’t hurt.