Oskar Groening a 96-year-old man who did accounting work at Auschwitz was recently sentenced to prison for helping kill 300,000 Jews. The kikes wanted him to die in prison, but they were unable to get this satisfaction. He passed away a few days ago.

Fox News:

Oskar Groening, the death camp guard known as the “bookkeeper of Auschwitz,” died on Friday — before he was able to start his four-year prison sentence, according to multiple reports Monday. He was 96.

Groening, a former SS sergeant, was convicted in July 2015 of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Jews. He was expected to start his four-year prison sentence, but died at a hospital, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing Germany’s Der Spiegel.

German prosecutors deemed Groening to be fit enough to go to prison as long as there was appropriate medical care. A federal court rejected Groening’s appeal in November.

This whole situation is insane. Groening just did bookkeeping work. He had no management responsibilities at Auschwitz. It’s nuts to accuse him of being responsible for helping kill 300,000 Jews to begin with when he was not in a senior management position. The whole trial was kangaroo court tier.

It’s even nuttier when we consider the fact that the Holocaust is just a big Jewish hoax built on lies. Six million Jews were not gassed in fake shower rooms and disposed of in ovens.

The kikes just wanted to drag this old man through the mud because they are a hate filled and evil race. At least Groening can finally rest in peace. I have no doubt that he’s in a better place now.