Russia Insider recently published an article discussing how they were going to begin talking about the Jewish problem. It covered lots of ground but it specifically talked about how Jews were behind the Bolshevik revolution and that the time had come to remove the taboos and stigma that came with discussing this subject.

Charles Bausman the Editor of Russia Insider was recently on Red Ice to further elaborate on this and to set the record straight on what’s really going on with Russia.

This move was fairly significant. Russia Insider is a decently sized site. It has been floating around 20,000 to 40,000 on Global Alexa rankings. Notice how the site has risen higher since their announcement that they were going to begin talking about the Jews.

We need as many sites talking about the Jews as humanly possible. The main reason why I still maintain my site on a part time basis despite its smaller audience, is that it is another target that the Jews have to contend with. My hope is that someone with lots of financial resources will eventually set up a major operation that goes after these kikes. There’s only so much we can do with the limited financial means we have at our disposal and even with these limited resources we have the kikes shitting themselves.

This is where the boomers should be stepping in. There has to be a handful of boomers with hundreds of millions of dollars who could fund something like this. Where the fuck are you people any way? Do you really think you’re going to live forever? Why not do something significant with the time you have left on earth. Help us fight these subversive kikes!