Jews are upset that Iceland a nation with roughly 300,000 people is proposing an outright ban on infant circumcision.

Euro News:

Jewish leaders in Europe have slammed a draft law that proposes to ban boys in Iceland from being circumcised.

They say the outline legislation — set to be debated in Iceland’s parliament in the coming weeks — would be an attack on Judaism.

The proposal has been put forward by Progressive Party MP Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir and is backed by several other Icelandic politicians.

Circumcising girls has been illegal in Iceland since 2005, but there is no provision for boys, Gunnarsdóttir told Euronews.

The bill proposes a six-year prison term for anyone found guilty of “removing part or all of the [child’s] sexual organs”.

But religious leaders — including those from the Jewish and Catholic community — have criticised the plans.

The Jewish Communities in the Nordic Countries said if passed the law would stop its brethren from establishing themselves in Iceland.

That last paragraph is very telling about the Jewish mind. They are complaining that the anti-circumcision law would prevent Jews from establishing themselves in Iceland. These kikes absolutely believe as if they have the right to subvert every country on the planet including Iceland. And anything that discourages them from doing that is anti-Semitic. That includes laws forbidding people from mutilating baby dicks.

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