As many of you already know, the massive shorting of GameStop stock was largely conducted by hedge funds that were either run by Jews and/or associated with Jews. We’ve seen Jews like Steven Cohen, Andrew Left and others who have been heavily involved with this entire fiasco.

But what I find interesting is how there are many Jews cozying up to the WallStreetBets crowd.

The billionaire Jew Mark Cuban did an AMA on /r/wallstreetbets today and was fairly supportive of what they’ve done.

The Jew David Portnoy has been all over television and social media talking about his purchases of meme stocks. He has been highly critical of Robinhood for stopping people from buying GameStop and other stocks and has criticized some of his tribesmen who have been shorting stocks etc..

Even Robert Reich a Jew from the Bill Clinton era defended the WallStreetBets people.

I don’t think these Jews would be doing this if they weren’t concerned about some of these developments. They don’t want people to notice that virtually everybody involved in these corrupt financial schemes is a Jew. So you have Jews like Cuban and Portnoy taking the other side of the argument so people will be less likely to call out this situation as something that is primarily related to Jews.

I also think these Jews want to gain favor with these people and influence their decisions. As we know, Jews will find a way to infiltrate and subvert anything. Be it a political movement, organization, business or whatever.

It’s also worth noting that the Jewish Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is planning some sort of high level meeting on this whole deal.

I really don’t think they would waste their time on this unless they fear that this could spiral into something they can’t control. And the crazy thing about this is that Yellen was given huge speaking fees from one of the firms involved in all this.

It just never ends with these Jews.