Donald Trump was bragging on Twitter about how the Jewish radio host Wayne Allyn Root said that he was basically the “King of Israel” for all he has done for the Jews and Israel.

Once again, why does everything have to be about these god damn kikes?

And look, I get that it isn’t feasible for any President to be against Israel due to all the idiotic pro-Israel evangelicals we have in the country. But I don’t want to be hearing about Jews and Israel every day. A foreign country should not dominate the political discussion in America.

I’d be less angry at this if Trump was doing more substantive things for White Americans but as it stands right now, he has effectively done more for Israel than America and that is not OK.

With that said, he’s still better than the alternative, largely because of the cultural changes his presidency has helped bring about. But he should have done much more for White Americans by now.

I’m still waiting for substantive action against the big kike tech companies and anti-fascist terrorists. What’s the status of those items Mr. President? Or is doing something for Israel a more pressing matter for your administration?