Joe Biden has obviously lost his mental abilities. He’s making all sorts of gaffs on the campaign trail.

Washington Times:

Remember the line “if you can remember the 1960s, you weren’t really there”? It got support Tuesday from the Democratic presidential front-runner, born 1942.

According to a video posted by the Republican National Committee “war room,” former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, campaigning in Iowa on Tuesday, placed two of the 1960s most iconic events — the weeks-apart assassinations of Robert Kennedy and the Rev. Martin Luther King — in the wrong decade.

“When Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King had been assassinated in the 70s, the late 70s when I got engaged,” he said in the run-up to making a point about how times have changed.

Mr. Biden did at least place his engagement in the right decade — he married first wife Neilia Hunter in 1966.

I get that people can misspeak and misremember things from time to time, but Biden has been doing this type of thing quite a bit for the past few months. It’s just been one gaff after another. His campaign team has even pondered limiting his appearances to lessen the gaffs.

And saying that the MLK and RFK assassinations took place in the late 1970s is a sign that his mental faculties are definitely in decline. These were two fairly significant historical events directly connected to the 1960s that most people are not going to misremember.

He’s going to have a tough time getting the Democrat nomination. The crazier leftist candidates are going to be tearing him apart.