The big talking point pushed out by the Jewish media over the past few days is them saying that the problems on the southern border is “manufactured.” Tucker Carlson went into this in great detail last night.

President Trump rightly called it a “manufactured sound byte” when he was interviewed by Sean Hannity today.

The idea that this is a “manufactured crisis” is insane. Democrats all talked about the need to secure the border since the 2000s. The open border has been a disaster allowing drugs to flow in, human trafficking and third world hordes to shit out anchor babies in our country.

If anybody is creating a “manufactured crisis” it is the Jewish media and their Democrat allies. They have been hoaxing a crisis with Russia for the past two years claiming that Russians posting memes on Facebook is a threat to the American electoral system. They’re also claiming that the government shutdown is a crisis even though there is no evidence of that.

So the people who are really manufacturing crises are the ones claiming that a real crisis is manufactured. This is why the Jewish media needs to be shut down. They are a direct threat to this country with all the lies and bullshit propaganda they spread.