The Jews are the most privileged people in the world. This is not debatable. They dominate the financial industry, control large media outlets, control Hollywood and even the foreign policy of the United States through AIPAC. Yet despite their obvious privilege, they continuously remind the goyim how they are perpetual victims. They do this by regularly whining about the hoax known as the Holocaust, creating memorials for it and holding events to remind everyone about it.


Israelis stopped their cars and stood still, often with heads bowed, for two minutes Thursday for the country’s annual commemoration of the six million Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

Sirens rang out nationwide during the commemoration, while pedestrians and drivers in Jerusalem, the bustling seaside city of Tel Aviv and elsewhere stood on roadsides and in the middle of streets in silence.

Israel began commemorations on Wednesday night with a ceremony at its Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem that included speeches from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin.

With repeated warnings about a rise in anti-Semitism globally, there were also newer approaches to spreading awareness of the Nazi genocide to a younger generation.

A privately created Instagram account based on the life of a 13-year-old Holocaust victim, eva.stories, had grown to more than 800,000 followers by Thursday afternoon.

Posts to the account trace her life as if she had Instagram at the time.

Netanyahu in his comments on Wednesday night said “we are living nowadays in a paradox.”

“The worldwide admiration for the Jewish state is accompanied within certain circles by a growing hatred towards Jews,” he said.

Unbelievable that they would go so far as to setup an Instagram account for an alleged 13-year-old Holocaust victim. And they got 800,000 people to follow it.

The Holocaust is a bunch of lies the Jews made up after the war to paint themselves as perpetual victims. There were no shower room gas chambers, no Jews turned into lampshades and no Jews turned into soap. The Jews have put out so many lies about the Holocaust that they as a people have come to fully believe in these lies. It’s become a defining part of who they are as a people.

The whole thing is ridiculous. The most privileged people in the world whining about how they are perpetual victims by citing a hoax event from over 70 years ago is a truly sick thing. If it wasn’t a lie, they wouldn’t have had to get laws passed making it illegal to question it.