Considering the high profile ban of Alex Jones from nearly every big social media platform, it is interesting to see Instagram banning Tommy Robinson at around the same time. They claimed the ban was a mistake and reactivated it shortly after.


Instagram has reactivated Tommy Robinson’s account after it had been removed ‘in error,’ the company said.

Earlier the far-right activist became the latest in a string of names to have had their social media accounts closed.

But the ban didn’t last long and just 18 hours later Instagram said they reactivated his account after admitting it had been removed in error.

Somehow I’m not believing that this was just an honest mistake. There’s all sorts of shady shit happening to the social media accounts of various right leaning figures.

The end game is to shut it all down. Unless you believe in full blown Cultural Marxism, Jewish supremacy and LGBTQP insanity than you will be banned from any and all platforms of significance.