The Trump administration hasn’t been all that we hoped. It’s been a mixed bag at best. This however is a good move. They are going to force immigrants to give social media information in order to obtain a visa.

Fox News:

The State Department is expected to publish a set of proposals Friday that would require some tourists and immigrants to provide information on their social media accounts before visiting the U.S., The Washington Times reported.

The proposals are part of a broader effort by the Trump administration to implement “extreme vetting” on immigration, the department said.

Travelers would also be required to provide phone numbers, email addresses, international travel and immigration issues within the last five years.

Travelers would also be required to answer questions about possible family connections to terrorism.

“This upgrade to visa vetting is long-overdue, and it’s appropriate to apply it to everyone seeking entry, because terrorism is a worldwide problem. The aim is to weed out people with radical or dangerous views,” Jessica Vaughan, policy studies director at the Center for Immigration Studies, told the paper.

According to the documents, approximately 14 million people would be affected by the new proposals and another 700,000 would be affected in the immigration system.

What this does is throw a huge monkey wrench into the visa application process. It inserts a requirement that will discourage many from even applying for a visa. It also provides another excuse to reject a visa application. It means that we will definitely see fewer Moslems let into the country. Moslems typically have all sorts of insane shit on their social media profiles.

It is a useful gimmick, but at the end of the day, it is just a gimmick. We need real substantive action on immigration. We need a border wall, we need an end to chain migration and we need to institute a merit based immigration system. Ideally, it should be a race and merit based immigration system. No more hajis, beaners, niggers etc.. There’s enough of them in the country and they have offered a net negative value to our society. Can anybody argue otherwise?